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How to Find Spa Parts

How to Find Spa Parts

Did you know that you are able to directly purchase filters and parts for your spa from our website? Whether you need a new filter set, headrests, or jets, Canadian Spa Company makes it easy to find the PARTS and FILTERS you are looking for.  
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To find the right filter for your spa, navigate to the “Filters” tab under “Products”.  

On this page, you can select the hot tub model you have and this will redirect you to the filter you need. 
If you want to make a one-time filter purchase, select “One-time purchase” and add it to your cart. 
We also have a hassle-free filter subscription service! When you subscribe, your spa’s filter(s) will ship automatically every 4 months (which is when we recommend you change your filter) so you do not have to worry about re-ordering them.  
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1. PREPAYMENT: If you opt to pre-pay for the subscription service, you pay for 2 filters and GET 1 FREE! There will be a one-time credit card charge per year and your filter set will automatically be sent to you according to the shipment schedule indicated. Select “Subscribe”, “Prepay for your subscription”, and “Complete subscription” to be directed to your online cart.
*Renews automatically every year.
2. PAY AS YOU GO: You can also subscribe but choose not to pre-pay. In this case, your credit card will be charged at the start of every shipping period indicated until you cancel your subscription. Select “Subscribe” and “Complete subscription” to be directed to your online cart.
*Make sure to update us in case you are moving or changing addresses. 
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Headrests may need to be replaced over time due to improper chemical use or wear and tear. To order a headrest, navigate to the “Parts” tab under “Products”. Alternatively, you can search “Headrest” in the website’s search bar.  

The headrest you will need depends on your spa model. Standard Bread Pillows can be ordered with or without an LED window and are typically compatible with the following Hurricane series spas: Yukon, Montreal, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto SE, Thunder Bay, Victoria, Niagara Falls, Grand Bend, and our St. Lawrence Swim Spas.
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There are also pillows called “Bread Pillow with LED Light – Black Ice” that are made for 240V Black Ice spas. 240V Black Ice models include the following spas: Alberta, Burnaby, Cambridge, Kingston, London SE, Richmond, Superior, Kelowna GL, Erie GL, and Huron GL.  
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If you are ordering an LED window spa pillow, please ensure your hot tub has LED compatible head rests ports. Some older tubs are not made to light up these LED windows. If you are unsure, please contact us.  
Headrests for portable spas are available for purchase HERE (these are not included with the purchase of a portable spa).
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Jets get a bit more complicated as there are different series, types, and sizes of jets. If you own a Hurricane series model, both directional and massage jets can be found under the “Parts” section.  The two types of jets, directional and massage, can be interchanged to your liking as long as they are the same size.

To avoid mistakes, we do not currently sell Black Ice jets online because there are various types available. Please contact our Customer Care team to order.

Click HERE to see how to measure the size of your jet. 

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Other parts and accessories like pumps, hose adapters, and control valves are available under the “Parts” section as well.  

If you are unsure about a product or need a part that you do not see online, email us at with the name of your spa and a description of the part that you are looking for (pictures are always helpful as well).

*As per our Terms & Conditions, items must be returned at the customer's cost. To avoid such costs, we encourage you to reach out to us to confirm you are purchasing the right parts for your spa.

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