Canadian Spa Company hot tub and spa covers provide unbeatable quality at an affordable price. Protect and insulate your valuable hot tub with this feature-rich replacement cover.

Our covers are made from the strongest marine grade vinyl in the industry to withstand the harsh winter months and are both UV and mildew resistant. Six (6) re-enforced handles are built in at convenient points for carrying your spa cover and for simple cover removal. Adding to this support are eight (8) locking straps which fasten to the corners of the tub and are ideal for locations with lots of wind.

The extra-thick 5 in/3 in insulating foam inside the cover is vacuum sealed with a 6 mil double coated polyethylene vapour barrier to increase the longevity of the cover and retain water temperature within the spa. For additional support, a metal “C” channel is added at the centre of each foam insert. Our cover includes an extra thick full-length steam seal inside the fold to trap any excess heat that would escape through the side of the cover and minimize heat loss.

Canadian Spa Company covers are built with durability and longevity in mind. Increase your heating efficiency with one of our hardtop covers and easily restore the appearance of your hot tub.

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