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Black Ice: Portable Plug & Play Spas (120V)

Black Ice: Portable Plug & Play Spas (120V)

Canadian Spa Company’s Portable Spas are compact, fit up to 4 adults, and fit in almost any location. Packed with features such as: adjustable hydrotherapy jets, and multi-colored LED lights, are energy efficient, and has Antimicrobial filtration along with a built-in ozone generator to keep your water crystal clear. All of our Portable Spas are 120V, meaning they are compatible with the average outlet; so your family can plug in the spa and go, giving a hassle-free experience. Our spas come with valuable customer and technical support for the lifetime of the spa, and the knowledge that you're supporting an American company. Our spas use genuine North American-made components, including Gecko, Balboa, and Lucite  & Aristech Acrylic.


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