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Let's Talk Bases

Let's Talk Bases

When choosing where you want your spa to be, it is important to consider the base it will be placed on. Having a supportive base for your spa is integral to safe and relaxing sessions.This blog post aims to help you choose the right base for your spa and avoid voiding the manufacturer warranty because of an inadequate base.

*Please note that it is up to the customer to have a base ready for the hot tub before delivery. We do not provide contracting services.


A spa base is the platform or surface the spa will be faced on. Spas can be very heavy, especially when filled, and the base must be able to support this weight.




1. Space around spa: The base should be designed so there is 2-3 feet of excess base coverage around the spa. Consider what you want around the spa, like surround furniture, steps, and cover lifters. At a minimum, the base needs to be able to cover the footprint of the spa.

2. Placement of spa: If you place your spa on a well-supported deck, it may create a louder sound (because of vibration) which is not typically heard with patio stone or concrete. If your spa is in ground or a deck is built around it, it is your responsibility to make sure the spa is accessible if service is required. We recommend 2 feet of space so a service technician can access the internal components of the spa.

3. Water drainage: To prevent water build-up and pooling around the spa, make sure there is adequate drainage for spa water, rain, and snow. 


Because swim spas are much bigger and heavier, the best base is a 6-inch poured concrete pad. It also should be rebar enforced.

Please contact a contractor or engineer to see what the best option for your space would be and to ensure your base meets the requirements. 

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