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The Benefits of Chromotherapy

The Benefits of Chromotherapy

What is Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy is the science of using visible spectrum (colours) to promote natural healing. The modern version of chromotherapy typically involves exposing the human body to coloured light to help treat certain illnesses and ailments. It works by using the vibrations that are given off by colours and matching them to similar vibrations that are given off by the human body, creating an internal energy balance. Different colours give off different wavelengths of electromagnetic energy, which is why certain colours are thought to have positive effects on specific illnesses.



While there are mixed scientific reviews on the effectiveness of chromotherapy as a healing aid, research has shown light therapy to have positive effects on headaches, allergies, insomnia, digestion, arthritis, nausea, eyesight and more. A 2006 study led by the American Psychiatric Association found that light therapy was effective in treating mood disorders such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other depressive disorders. In addition to this, most will agree that colour has a noticeable effect on mood. While exposure to some colours will induce happiness, others will help you calm and relax your mind.


Where to Use Chromotherapy


When Ancient Egyptians first started practising chromotherapy techniques over 2500 years ago, they built solariums to have sunlight shown onto various crystals and coloured glass to create different colours.  Luckily, taking advantage of the benefits of chromotherapy is much easier in the 21st century. While you can purchase colour therapy lamps specifically for the purpose of healing, another option would be to take advantage of the LED lighting that is included in your Canadian Spa Company Hot Tub or Sauna. This way you can multitask while indulging your body with the added benefits that come with regular hot tub and sauna usage.


Most of our Hot Tubs and Swim Spas come with perimeter LED lighting and pop-up LED speakers. You can choose between 6 colours or 5 multi-colour settings, that will illuminate your Spa water and create the perfect setting for an all-around therapeutic experience.




Our entire collection of Canadian hemlock Saunas include our premium Aurora mood lighting system. Each Sauna comes with a convenient remote control for you to select between multiple lighting modes, adjust the brightness of the light, and choose your lighting from a range of 20 colours. Pair this with the healing aromatherapy oil of your choice, and the detoxification that comes with sauna usage and you have your very own at-home wellness centre.


Chromotherapy Colour Wheel




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