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Stimulate Your Senses - Customizing Your Spa Experience

Stimulate Your Senses - Customizing Your Spa Experience


Relaxation is at the core of our products. Whether you enjoy your spa during sunrise or like to soak off a long day, Canadian Spa Company spas provide a full sensory experience. You can easily personalize your spa setup with features like adjustable jets, aromatherapy, and LED lighting. 


Our spas vary in types of seating, number of jets, and types of jets available. This allows users to completely customize their hydrotherapy massage and target their trouble areas.


DIRECTIONAL: These jets have a higher-pressure stream but cover a smaller area. They are called directional jets because you can control the direction of the water by moving the ball pivot inside the jet. 

GREAT FOR: Targeting specific muscles 


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ROTATIONAL (MASSAGE): Rotational jets are also referred to as massage jets. They provide a rotating massage over a larger area but have a lower-pressure stream. 

GREAT FOR: When you want more of a gentle massage overall 



ADJUSTABLE: The jets are adjustable in 4 different ways to accommodate your hydrotherapy needs:  

  1. Each jet’s pressure can be adjusted, and turned off and on by turning the jet face. 
  2. The spa topside allows you to turn the jets on low, high, or off by pressing the JETS button. If you have a two-pump or more spa, you can press JETS 1 or JETS 2 to control the jets’ speed on each side of the spa.
  3. Each spa has air control valve(s) to change the pressure/air flow from jets. Turning the valve(s) clockwise will inject more air through the jets, creating more pressure and a stronger stream.
  4. One pump spas with 5+ seats and swim spas have diverter valves. This allows you to divert power from one side of your spa to the other. With 5+ person one pump spas, this comes in handy if you are only sitting on one side of the spa. There are multiple diverter valves on swim spas so you can divert power from the seating area to create a river stream to swim against and vice versa.

INTERCHANGEABLE: All jets can also be interchanged to your liking as long as they are the same diameter. For example, if you really want to sit in the full-body lounger but are looking for a higher-pressure massage all over, you can switch out rotational jets for the directional ones of another seat. 

Click HERE to learn how to measure the size of your jet.  


It is said that aromatherapy can help treat various medical conditions and improve your health. The way it works is when you breathe in essential oils, the scent travels to your smell receptors, which then sends messages through your body’s nervous system to the brain’s limbic system (which helps in processing emotions, behaviour, and long-term memory). Different scents can be used to achieve different health goals. 

Our spas (excluding portable spas) come with aromatherapy systems so you can diffuse your desired essential oils and tailor each spa session to your needs.  

Both aromatherapy beads or drops of essential oil on a cloth can be placed in the aromatherapy canister. Using the air reclamation system, the air from within the cabinet is used to inject hot air into your jets for better efficiency. When you place your aromatherapy beads or essential oil dampened cloth into the canister, the air being pulled from within the cabinets pulls the scent and injects it into your bubbles – without affecting your spa's water chemistry! The strength of the scent can be adjusted by the position of the cap. 

Our AROMATHERAPY BEADS come in the following scents: 

  • ROMANTIC – Rose: Treats anxiety, stress, or depression for emotional stability and can help put you in the mood 
  • SPRING – Green Tea: Improves your focus so you can spring into your daily tasks 
  • RELAXATION – Lavender: The perfect way to unwind at the end of the day as it supports sleep and helps to calm the nervous system 
  • VIGOUR – Chamomile: Can lull you to sleep through its soothing properties and ease allergy symptoms 
  • TIME – Strawberry Champagne: Refresh your senses with the sweet aromatics and hint of champagne - so you can toast to the good times  

Other popular essential oils include: 

  • Eucalyptus & Peppermint Oil: Both of these essential oils have cooling properties that can help you reinvigorate your mind and alleviate sinus congestion.
  • Lemon oil & lemongrass oil: Their citrus notes act as a mood booster and keep you more alert.



Set the mood with LED lighting! Our portable spas have 8 different light colours and a slow fade setting, while our other spas have perimeter LED lighting that lights up in 8 different colours, 3 fade settings, and a disco light setting.


Engaging all your senses during your spa session will help you disconnect and focus on relaxing.  

Interested in purchasing a hot tub? Contact us at 1-877-909-7727 or to speak with a hot tub expert who will happily assist you in choosing your dream spa. 

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