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All About Swim Spas

All About Swim Spas

A swim spa provides you the with the best of both worlds – the warmth and hydrotherapy jets of a hot tub and the ability to swim and do aqua aerobics like you would in a large pool. Whether you want to go for a swim, do some resistance training, need more room for the kids to splash around, or just want to relax, the St. Lawrence Swim Spas are completely customizable to your needs.   


Our line-up of St. Lawrence Swim Spas includes the 13-foot, the 16-foot, and the 20-foot spa. All of these spas come equipped with our standard luxury features including perimeter LED mood lighting, digital Bluetooth audio system with pop-up speakers, cascading waterfalls, and aromatherapy. 

RIVER JETS: Experience our unique swim lane system and swim against the powerful current created by 3 river resistance jets. The 16-foot Swim Spa also comes with 2 stream jets to balance the pressure. 

ADJUSTABLE WATER FLOW: Adjust the resistance levels to your liking and capabilities. Our swim spas also come equipped with multiple air control and water diverter valves, allowing you to control how much pressure you are getting out of each section of your swim spa. When you’ve completed your workout, divert the water to the lounge side so you can get a full-pressure massage. 


ADJUSTABLE HYDROTHERAPY JETS: You can adjust each jet’s pressure according to your pain points by turning its jet face.

TETHER POLES: Our swim spas can also be bundled with fibre glass tether poles if you want to attach a resistance cord for a more intense workout. 




EXERCISE BUNDLE: Our EXERCISE BUNDLE comes with everything you need to make sure you are getting a full work out in with your swim spa sessions. Build your muscles, burn calories, improve your swim strokes, and more with this Bundle! 

DID YOU KNOW: Resistance training is said to help prevent chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease.


Exercise Bundle includes:  

  • 2 4-ft resistance cords 
  • 2 6-ft resistance cords 
  • 2 ankle straps 
  • 2 exercise handles 
  • 1 short tether 
  • 1 long tether 
  • 1 swim harness 
  • 1 attachment pin 

AQUAGRIP: We also offer Aquagrip that is designed to fit your St. Lawrence Swim Spa perfectly. Made of Foam Grip material, this add-on allows you to exercise safely and comfortably with more grip and cushion. It is also easy to install.  


Skip the heavy lifting with a ROLLING COVER for your swim spa! One person can unroll a swim spa cover in less than 60 SECONDS. These rolling covers are lightweight and provide a solution for having to lift heavy covers that may become waterlogged over time. 

A swim spa may seem like a big investment – but it is worthwhile knowing that you and your family and friends can enjoy it for years to come. Regardless of which Canadian Spa Company product you choose, you are getting the same great quality with genuine North American-made components.

Not sure if our Swim Spa is the best fit for you? Contact us at 1-877-909-7727 or to speak with a hot tub expert who will help you choose your dream spa.

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