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Starting Your Portable Spa for the First Time This Winter? Read This First!

Starting Your Portable Spa for the First Time This Winter? Read This First!

Many of our customers love using their portable spas through the winter, and we don’t blame them. I mean, sitting in warm bubbling water with the cool winter air touching your face does feel pretty awesome. 


We typically recommend setting up your portable spa when temperatures are still above freezing, but if you are yet to set up your spa for the winter, not to worry! Just read the rest of this article first.


DISCLAIMER: We do NOT recommend starting up your portable spa for the first time in temperatures that are -20°C/-4°F or colder.  



Due to the colder winter temperature, it is possible that your PCU may get an E4 Error upon initial fill.


What Causes the E4 Error


The E4 Error Code indicates a condition where the PCU has detected a temperature that is 2°C/36°F or colder. The E4 Error will disable all functions of your Spa’s PCU in order to prevent damage from freezing conditions.  To run your PCU, you will need to raise the temperature of the water to above 2°C/36°F.




You are likely to get this error when filling your hot tub in the winter if the temperature of your hose water is colder than 2°C/36°F or if the ambient temperature around your spa is too cold. If this is the case, you can raise the temperature of the water in the Portable Spa and PCU by mixing hot (NOT boiling) tap water into the cold water in the spa. Try to bring the water to 10°C/50°F or higher before starting up your spa (do NOT exceed 38°C/100°F).


Once you have brought the temperature of the water up, simply reset your PCU by plugging in the GFCI, press the TEST BUTTON on the GFCI - wait 5 seconds - then press the RESET BUTTON.


NOTE: If you are unable to raise the water temperature, we recommend bringing the PCU into a warm environment to prevent possible freezing damage.


If the E4 error persists, contact us, or check out our Support Page for more information.


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