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Product Spotlight: Prefilter Screens

Product Spotlight: Prefilter Screens

The majority of our Canadian Spa Company Hot Tubs are built with a 10-step filtration system to ensure that your water requires little maintenance to remain crystal clear.


The Prefilter Screen is an important part of our 10-Step filtration process. This fine mesh screen works as a barrier against larger particles that can find their way into your spa’s filter box. It catches elements such as hair, twigs, pine needles, and leaves and prevents them from reaching your spa’s filters. Although it may seem like a minor part of your spa’s filtration system, it will prove to be incredibly beneficial to your spa in the long run. The Prefilter Screen maximizes the efficiency of your filters, which in turn maximizes the efficiency of your spa’s pump and increases the life span of your spa.


How it Works

Simply place a Prefilter Screen on top of your filters inside of your spa’s filter box. Make sure that the Screen is not sitting on the Weir Gate of the filter box.


NOTE: The Prefilter Screen is not designed to hold Chlorine Tablets, this will deteriorate the mesh of the screen.


A Prefilter Screen will last up to 3 months. We recommend giving it a quick clean every 2 weeks by rinsing it with hose water and wiping away excess debris with a brush.
Fun Fact: you can also use you Prefilter Screen to catch large particles that are floating around in your spa water. Make sure that your spa’s pump or filtration are not on, remove the screen from the Filter Box and have fun catching on-the-run debris!
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