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Pre-Delivery Guide

Pre-Delivery Guide

Before we deliver your hot tub

Your spa must be sited on a solid, flat, level base which is the same size or larger than the spa. The base can be either a 100mm concrete slab or suitably strengthened timber decking or existing patio area assuming it has suitable foundations of hardcore. Whatever base area is chosen, it must be of suitable load bearing capacity. Please ensure your base has suitable drainage.

Preparing for the delivery of a hot tub

  • The site you select for your spa must be a flat surface that contacts the bottom of your spa completely.
  • Spas weigh between 900kg and 1,400kg when full, therefore a solid support is essential. A 10-15cm thick reinforced concrete slab is ideal, but not a requirement. In most cases your spa can be placed on a properly fitted existing patio. Your spa can be mounted on a deck, but it must be of solid construction. Either way, it is recommended you install your spa at ground level to allow easy internal access.
  • The base needs to be at least the same size as the footprint of your spa.
  • The power supplied must be a dedicated RCD protected circuit. You will need to get a qualified electrician to undertake this work (check spa for Amp requirement).
  • Plug and play models plug directly into a 13Amp socket.

Access: Canadian Spa hot tubs are usually delivered on a flat bed trailer, up to 5 metres long, 2.4 metres wide and 3.5 metres high. Please ensure that there is adequate access for such a vehicle to reach your property. When off loading from our vehicle to the spa site, a minimum of 1100mm width is required, (some models vary) this also needs to be flat and a minimum clear vertical height of 9ft should be considered also.

Delivery Passageway: The spa will arrive as a unit, and cannot be disassembled. Ideally the spa will be placed on a trolley, either on its side or on its base. The unit will then be rolled into place easily crossing grass, gravel, and small terrain anomalies. For safe and non-intrusive installation, we require an opening not less than the depth of your spa plus at least 40cm height for the trolley and a minimum of 5cm clearance on each side. If your access does not meet these conditions, or in the case of other obstacles (steps, fences, walls, steep hills, etc.) contact Canadian Spa Company for advice and conditions.

Also please consider the following points for access:

Are there any steep slopes or walls that need negotiating? If so, extra help or levelling planks may be required. For larger walls or very steep slopes, a crane may be required. A crane or other mechanical means of lifting will be required for all larger spas over 2.50m square. Crane hire or other mechanical means will be at an additional cost and remain the responsibility of the purchaser. Please ensure that suitable insurance cover is available from whoever undertakes this process on your behalf. If you feel that there may be problems with the delivery and positioning, please contact us for advice, giving as much notice as possible.

Electrical supply: If you are having your spa installed, it will be necessary to have a dedicated electrical circuit supply fitted. You will require a 13, 20, 32 or 40 Amp supply, dependent on which spa model you have purchased. Your spa must be protected via a RCD and suitable over current protection. A minimum of 5 metres of cable is required for connection into your spa from the Isolator.

Electrical installation – have a licensed electrician run the required 230-volt power line to the spa installation site. This power line must be permanently connected (hard-wired) to the mains supply. Do not use extension cords or plug-in type connections. At the site where the spa is to be located leave 5 metres of cable and the appropriate cable gland. All electrical wiring to a spa must be installed by a qualified, licensed electrician, and meet required electrical standards.

Water: The best means of filling your spa is with a garden hosepipe (use cold water not hot water). Please ensure that you have one readily available. If you are aware that your water pressure is poor, we should be advised prior to delivery. The design of our spas allows for easy drainage, again, using the hosepipe which conveniently fits onto the drain valve situated at the base of your spa. Ideally, you should empty the water to a nearby drain. You may wish to purchase a suitable submersible pump to speed up this process.

Ensure part of your decking can be removed in order to gain access for future repair or servicing

Decking around your spa: Ensure that you are aware of the above measurements. Always consider during your planning that any decking boards and supporting beams that you install allow access to the sides of your Spa. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that any decking is clear of these areas prior to any visit by our technicians (Allow 1 metre clearance around your hot tub and if you have decking ensure part of your decking can be removed in order to gain access for future repair or servicing). If you are unsure then please ask before ground construction and the delivery of your spa. Click on link to download current Pre-Delivery Guide (UK)

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