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How To: Extend the Life of your Spa Filters

How To: Extend the Life of your Spa Filters

What are the benefits of maintaining your filters?

·         Ensuring that your spa water is well filtered and crystal clear

·         Increasing the filters’ life span

·         Reducing the amount of pressure that is put on your spa’s pump


Your spa filters can last you anywhere between 4 to 6 months depending on usage. By going through the steps that we’ve outlined in this article, you will be able to ensure that your filters last as long as possible.



STEP 1: Weekly Rinse-Off

The quickest and easiest way to maintain your filters is to rinse them off with a hose every one to two weeks.  This will help remove large particles and debris such as dirt, hair, or leaves. To ensure a thorough rinse, ruffle the pleats and rotate the filter as you spray the filter down with your hose.


NOTE: Make sure that your pump is not on when filters are removed.


STEP 2: Overnight Soak

We highly recommend deep cleaning your filters every 2 months by soaking them over night in a filter cleaning solution such as our Filter Free. The Filter Free solution will remove rust, scale, oil, and fine particles from your filters which a simple rinse fails to remove. This will drastically increase your filter’s lifecycle and improve the quality of your spa water.


How to Use: 

For this tutorial, we dissolved 250 grams (8.5 capfuls) of filter free in 20L of lukewarm water. For a more thorough cleaning, you can use 500 grams.


The Filter Free has a pH indicator. You want the water to be red for effective scale removal and cleaning. If an insufficient amount of chemical is used, the water will be a yellowed orange.




Quickly rinse off any large particles and debris from your filters, and place in filter cleaning solution.



NOTE: When removing your filter, make sure the pump is not running. We recommend keeping a second set of filters on hand to replace your dirty filters with when doing your overnight soak. If you do not have a second set of filters, the spa should be powered off to ensure that the pump does not circulate any water in the absence of filters.



Leave the filters in the solution overnight. Remove from solution and rinse.



Disclaimer: Always read and follow all instructions on the bottle, before using any chemical.



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