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How to Clean & Drain Your Spa

How to Clean & Drain Your Spa

Even if your spa water appears clear, over time your water will collect a buildup of body oils, lotions, and chemicals from soap products or detergents. Biofilm may also form. We recommend draining and cleaning your spa 2 to 3 times a year to avoid excessive scum buildup and dirty water.

- Spa Flush (Available HERE)
- Tub Scrub cloth and sponge (Available HERE)
- Mild soap (dish soap can be used)
- Hose to drain your water
- Hot tub startup chemicals (Test strips, Spa Clear, Scale Control, Alkalinity Booster, pH Up and Down, Spa Shock, Chlorine Granules – Available HERE)

1. While your spa is filled, remove your filter(s), headrests, and/or attached pillows and place them right in the water. It is important to clean these items to prevent clogging of the filters and chemical discolouration of the pillows.

2. Squeeze Spa Flush into the spa water (use 15mL for up to 1500L/400 US gal).

3. Make sure all your jets are open, run the jets on high, and open the spa’s air intake(s) to create maximum turbulence. Leave them running for 15 to 30 minutes so the Spa Flush can clean the spa thoroughly.

4. As the Spa Flush is foaming up and running its course, keep an eye on the spa for any gunk around the edges. Clean this off with a Tub Scrub sponge or cloth so it does not stick to your spa’s acrylic. For a deeper clean, you can use the foam from the Spa Flush to clean the inside of your hot tub cover.

5. Once the 30 minutes are up, it is time to drain your spa. The following video shows you how your spa’s drain works.
*Keep pets away until dry.

6. When it is fully drained, use a Tub Scrub cloth or Tub Scrub sponge with a mild soap (like dish soap) to wipe out the spa. Rinse the spa off well and drain this water.

7. Refill the spa water and start as usual. This videos shows you how to start up your tub when it has been newly filled.

8. Once your spa is filled up, add the required spa chemicals. You can follow THIS short video as a refresher on how to use your chemicals after you have just filled your spa.

*If you have a scum line even after cleaning, chlorinate as usual, wait a day or so, and wipe periodically.

9. Sit back and relax!

We also offer a maintenance package for customers (in specific locations) where a Canadian Spa Company Technician will come and clean your spa! Email to find out if this service is available in your area.

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