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Ensuring a Relaxing Return: Your Hot Tub's Weekend Getaway Prep

Ensuring a Relaxing Return: Your Hot Tub's Weekend Getaway Prep

Planning a weekend away? Don't forget about your hot tub! Here's a simple, step-by-step guide to ensure it stays in top shape while you're gone. These six quick tasks will guarantee your spa is ready for your return, so you can dive right back into relaxation. 

  1. Filter Cycle: Set your filter cycle to run for 2 hours every 12 hours. This systematic approach ensures efficient water circulation, preventing any potential stagnation or buildup during your absence. 
  2. Heat Settings: Verify that your spa is configured to its standard heating mode. This preserves water temperature, ensuring it's ready for immediate use upon your return, all while optimizing energy consumption. 
  3. Water Chemistry: Conduct a thorough assessment of your spa water's chemical levels. If your getaway extends beyond two weeks, arrange for periodic checks by a reliable individual to maintain precise water balance. 
  4. Filters: Examine and, if necessary, replace your spa's filters. This preemptive measure guarantees seamless water flow, eliminating potential issues during your absence and safeguarding your spa's performance. Furthermore, we also recommend rinsing the filters with a hose as it will help cleanse them. 
  5. Spa Cover: Make sure to lock your cover! Delegating maintenance to a caretaker, providing explicit instructions and access keys to ensure proper care and security in your absence. 
  6. Winter Jacket: Consider fitting into your spa with a specialized winter jacket. This additional layer of protection shields your hot tub from harsh weather conditions, ensuring optimal functioning and longevity. 

By following these careful steps, you take good care of your hot tub while you're away. Spending a little time preparing it means you'll come back to a clean and ready-to-use spa for your relaxation. When you head off for your weekend trip, know that your hot tub is well taken care of and all set for your uninterrupted comfort and relaxation when you return. 

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