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Decoding the

Decoding the "Heater Dry" Code: Quick Fixes for a Smooth Hot Tub Experience

Ever wondered why the "Heater Dry" code appears on your hot tub? Let's dive into this occurrence and explore some solutions. Firstly, the "Heater Dry" Code indicates a disruption in your spa's water flow to the heater, often caused by issues such as air bubbles or blockages. Here are some preventive tips to maintain proper water circulation and avoid triggering this code. 

  • Proper Filling: Ensure you fill your hot tub through the filter canister to prevent airlocks. This quick step keeps the water flowing smoothly and minimizes the chances of encountering the "Heater Dry" code. Filling your spa through the filter canister back fills the pump pushing air up and out the jets as the spa fills cutting down the chance of an air bubble 
  • Filter Maintenance: Dirty filters can lead to overheating, triggering the "Heater Dry" code. Therefore, we recommend rinsing your filters with water every 4 weeks and replacing them every 3 to 4 months. 
  • Filter Cycle Duration: Ensure you adhere to regular filter cycles and avoid extended cycles, especially during the summer months. 

Lastly, it's crucial to wait for 30 minutes both when initiating your spa and between adding different chemicals. Following this procedure is essential to prevent chemical overload, which can have adverse effects on your spa equipment. A well-maintained hot tub ensures a stress-free spa experience. 

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