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The Grand Bend is our most impressive spa to date with three 5HP pumps and 94 adjustable hydrotherapy jets.  The Grand Bend provides multi-level seating for 9 people featuring a no-float lounger and two Captain's Chairs to accommodate a number of users with varying needs.  The Grand Bend is fully loaded with perimeter LED mood light, Bluetooth audio connectivity and a subwoofer.  The built-in aromatherapy and cascading waterfalls create the ideal atmosphere for relaxation! The 10-step, 100 sq ft filtration which includes an ozone purification system makes maintaining crystal clear water incredibly easy! All Canadian Spa Company Spas provide an unbeatable combination of great value, high-end features, and design which are sure to satisfy any household. Our spas come with valuable customer and technical support for the lifetime of the spa, and the knowledge that you're supporting a Canadian company. Our spas use genuine North American made components, including Waterway, Balboa, and Lucite Acrylic.

Electrical 240V / 60A
Weight 1400 lbs (Dry), 5800 lbs (Filled)
Water Capacity 2000 L
Jet Count 94
Seat Count 9
Size 118 x 90 x 39in
Pump 3 x 2 Speed 5 HP
Heater 5.5 kW
Included 5"/3" hardtop cover, Antimicrobial Glacier filters, and curbside delivery





Bluetooth Audio




  • Features perimeter multi-coloured LED mood lighting, cascading waterfall, and built-in aromatherapy canister. 
  • Three powerful 5HP (16.4 amp) pumps with oversized 2.5” intakes that guarantee consistent performance and longevity
  • Equipped with a digital MP3 audio sound system with pop-up LED speakers, built in Bluetooth audio streaming with subwoofer
  • Insulation includes high-density closed cell foam that surrounds the shell, heat retention blanket, and an infrared-lined insulated cabinet that traps the heat inside the spa -Made for Canadian winters! 
  • Filter: 2x 50sq ft Antimicrobial Glacier with Silver Ions
  • Ozone purifier aids in the oxidation of the spa water, reducing chemical use by up to 75%

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