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35 sqft Open Filter Antimicrobial

Canadian Spa Company US

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Filter Size: 230  x 125 x 55 mm. (9.05" x 4.92" x 2.16 ”)

Replaces: C-4335 | PRB35-IN | FC-2385

Increase the cleaning power of your spa with a Canadian Spa Company Antimicrobial spa filter! These filters are infused with Antimicrobial materials to inhibit the growth of bacteria upon the cartridge and extend the filter's lifecycle. For additional protection, silver ion technology is added into the end caps and fabric of this filter, making it the most advanced filter cartridge available. Spend less time cleaning your filters and more time enjoying your spa! Filter should be changed every 4-6 months (depending on usage). For best results. clean your filters regularly using Canadian Spa Filter Free Cleaner Solution



  • Replacement filter for Canadian Spa Company Yukon Spa
  • Antimicrobial material fights & inhibits bacteria in your hot tub
  • Silver Ion infused plastic reduces bacteria build up in or around filter
  • Injection moulded cores
  • Genuine Reemay Materials
  • Less frequent replacement schedule
  • Cleaner water overall
  • Easy to clean pleats
  • Open top and bottom hole - 2-1/8 inch
  • 219 pleats

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