Canadian Spa Company uses the Glacier Filtration system to ensure that our filters work as hard as they can to keep your spa water crystal clear at all times. Combining our Pre Filter Screens with Antimicrobial pleating and Silver Ion technology; our filters not only catch debris, but sanitizes and sterilizes any bacteria that may be in your spa.  

The Silver Ions embedded in each filter work 24/7 as a natural sanitizer which improves efficiency of chlorine up to 50%, while the blue antimicrobial coating on the pleats of each filter prevents the growth of bacteria. 

Filters should be changed every 3-4 months (depending on usage). Canadian Spa Company offers a yearly filter subscription, where every 4 months a new set of filters will arrive at your door, not only reminding you it’s time to replace your filters, but also giving you a hassle free buying experience and saving you money on 3 filters (or sets depending on your spa) for the price of 2. 


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