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Winter Spa Care & Winterizing Your Spa

Winter Spa Care & Winterizing Your Spa

With colder weather in the forecast, it is important to know how to best use your hot tub during the winter season. Whether you are staying at home and using your spa all-season long, going on a 2-week family vacation, or planning on completely turning off your spa for winter, this blog post will help you avoid problems that may arise from freezing temperatures.

❄ We also offer winterization services. Book one with us! ❄


It’s hot tubbing season and you’re taking advantage – our favourite way! Here are some best practices to follow: 

1. Start and refill your hot tub before freezing temperatures: This is to prevent any freezing that may occur as water enters your pipes (which will prevent water flow and potentially crack your pipes) and to avoid error messages that may halt the heater’s operation. If you just received your spa during the winter, read THIS solution to avoid any problems. To clear up “Too Cold” messages on your topside, read THIS.  

2. Keep snow and ice off: Brush off any snow to avoid weighing down on your hot tub cover, which can cause tears.  

3. Monitor your water levels: Keep a hose around! To make sure your hot tub is continuously pumping hot water, your spa water needs to be above level. Periodically monitor your water levels to avoid your pump from shutting off, which can lead to frozen water in the pipes.  

4. Covers: As usual, keep your cover on at all times when you’re not using it to retain as much heat as possible and keep snow out. We also recommend using a cover guard, which will provide additional protection and keep water out of any seams or rips in the cover you may not notice. 

5. Toque Up: While your hot tub may warm you up in all the right ways, wear a hat to avoid cold breezes. 

6. Status Pro LED Light: Check on your spa from the comfort of your warm home! Our newer spas have Status Pro LED lights that let you know your spa’s status from afar so you don’t have to head out during the days you’re staying in. Read more HERE


Where are you headed to? We’re jealous! Before you catch your flight, here are steps to follow regarding your spa:

1. Test the waters: Make sure your water levels are normal and check the chemical levels. If you are gone for longer than a week, have someone check up on the spa weekly and keep up with the recommended chemical schedule. (Tip: Bribe them with a dip in the hot tub.)

2. Change your filters: Swap out your filters if it’s time to do so. Our spa’s filters and AO₃P systems will work hard while you’re relaxing.

3. Lock your covers: Make sure to use your cover’s locking straps to keep unwanted visitors out.

4. Cover guard: To provide an extra layer of protection from the elements, put on a cover guard.


You may also consider winterizing your spa if you know you are not going to be using it at all during winter. Winterizing is important to avoid costly repairs. Common problems that may arise from leaving water in your hot tub during the winter include moisture damage, and more costly, cracked pipes. This is because of water’s unique property of expanding when frozen. 

You can either winterize your spa yourself, or for a more convenient option - book a winterization service with us HERE. We’ll flush out your spa, clean it up, and winterize it for you! 

In the case that you choose to do it yourself, follow these steps: 


  • Garden Hose and Drain Valve Hose Adapter or Submersible Pump (for draining)
  • Wrench or Oil Filter Wrench
  • Drill and a bit
  • Shop Vacuum (also referred to as a wet/dry vacuum)
  • Tub Scrub Sponge
  • Spa Flush 

1. It is recommended that you drain and clean your spa 2 to 3 times a year to avoid excessive scum buildup and dirty water. To avoid hard-to-remove gunk and bacteria from sticking to the tub, use SPA FLUSH to clean it out and drain the spa of all water using a garden hose or submersible pump. Click HERE for a quick read on how to clean your spa. 

2. Shut off the power to the spa. 

3. Remove your filters, and use the shop vacuum to clear the lines from the ports. Also open up your air controls and suck up water from there. 

4. Remove one of the panels to access your pump. Refer to your Owner’s Manual if you are unsure which side the pump is on. 

5. Take your pipe wrench and loosen the top fitting (referred to as a union) from your pump and pack. Use your vacuum or similar product of choice (ie. leaf blower) to blow out any additional water from the disconnected lines. Then, connect the vacuum to the pump to suck up any remaining water. We recommend leaving the pump and pack disconnected to relieve any pressure and allow for water expansion. Screw the panel back on.

6. Using a shop vacuum, suction water from each jet. Remove any remaining water from the tub using a sponge or towel. Make sure the Drain Valve is left open (click HERE to see how to).

7. Cover all open pipes with screen mesh to prevent debris from entering the system.

8. Close your cover, ensuring it is pushed down completely and the straps are locked. For added protection, cover the spa with a Cover Guard.  

By following these steps, you can ensure a stress-free experience when opening your spa back up in the Spring.  

PLEASE NOTE: Damage from moisture, condensation, and/or any other problems arising from winterizing your spa are not covered under warranty. 

If you have any questions about using your spa during winter or the winterization process, please refer to our Support Page solutions HERE or contact us at 1-877-909-7727 or 

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