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Opening Your Hot Tub for Spring - Using Spa Flush

Opening Your Hot Tub for Spring - Using Spa Flush

Spring is here and that means its time for some spring cleaning! Kick off your cleaning by draining out the old hot tub water and refilling it, or starting your hot tub for the first time after winterizing it. This blog post will take you through best spa practices when it comes to refilling your tub. 

We suggest draining and refilling your tub 2 to 3 times a year to avoid any accumulation of scum, body oils, lotions, bacteria, and biofilm that may lead to unpleasant hot tub sessions. 


Biofilm is attracted to wet environments and results from a buildup of bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms. It attaches itself to the inside of plumbing pipes and creates a slimy outer layer to protect harmful bacteria from spa chemicals and sanitizers. This leads to slimy water, costly damages to the plumbing, and more sanitizer (such as chlorine) being needed to try to fight off bacteria. Not only will harmful bacteria continue to accumulate, the additional sanitizer will also make your water acidic, which is irritating to our skin.  




Keep maintenance minimal and your water crystal clear with a pack of SPA FLUSH!




To eliminate biofilm and prevent it from deteriorating your hot tub, you need to purge your hot tub water using SPA FLUSH. Our SPA FLUSH is a gel that is added to your old hot tub water before draining it out. It effectively removes unwanted bacteria and scum from the jets, plumbing, and the shell of the spa. Most importantly, it is able to break down the outside layer of biofilm, unlike other sanitizers, to push it out of the plumbing when the spa is being drained. 

Look at this before and after!


To keep your water clean after using Spa Flush, we also recommend throwing our SPA BALL in the water. It is made of oil and scum-absorbent material that will soak up all residues from the spa water to keep your spa water clean and prevent a scum line from forming on the acrylic. The best part? It comes in a SPA CLEANING BUNDLE with our Spa Flush, Tub Scrub Sponge and more for your convenience. 

Check out THIS READ for a step-by-step tutorial on how to drain and refill your spa using Spa Flush. 

We also now offer a Spa Purge Service! Contact us at or 1-877-909-7727 for more information and to book your appointment. Conditions apply. 


Here are some tips when refilling your hot tub during the beginning of spring:  

  • Keep the power to your spa off before draining and until it is filled up to the ideal water level. This is to avoid any electrical shocks and pump damage. 

  • Be careful with freezing temperatures - The ideal temperature range to fill and restart your tub is above freezing to avoid cracked pipes from water expanding. Check your forecast for a day that has warmer weather for most of the day (if not the whole day).  

  • Ensure your garden hose/water source does not have any frozen water in it to prevent damage to the hose and inconsistent water flow.  

  • Do not add hot water directly to your spa.  

If you winterized your spa and are opening your spa back up for the year, the steps are similar to when you first got your spa. Read THIS guide for a refresher or watch the following video. 


Also keep in mind: 

  • Before you fill your tub, check all your plumbing and valves are connected by unscrewing and opening your cabinet. 

  • It is finally time to refill your hot tub! To ensure no cracks occurred while your spa was winterized, keep a watchful eye on the plumbing in the cabinet for leaking. If a leak occurs, stop refilling your hot tub and CONTACT US.   

We can’t wait to see what your Spring setup looks like! Send in a picture HERE for 10% off your next accessory purchase.   

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