This complete kit for a spa/hot tub comes in a plastic pail with a lid and a handle to easily carry and store all of your chemicals. 

Your spa is a source of relaxation and enjoyment practised throughout the ages. Get the most out of your spa, with clear, enticing, and bacteria free spa water.

The Canadian Spa Chemical Kit includes:

  • 800gm Chlorinating GranulesKills harmful bacteria in your spa. Suitable for manual daily dosing. TIP: The pH MUST be within 7.2 - 7.6 for this sanitizer to work.
  • 1 kg Spa Shock"Shocks" water to refresh chlorine levels and reactivate it by dissolving unfilterable wastes. Reduces odours and restores a natural sparkle to your hot tub water. TIP: Use after heavy usage or contamination to restore clean, fresh water.
  • 750gm pH UpIncreases pH in spa to maintain an ideal chemical balance. TIP: Use when your pH is below 7.2
  • 1 kg pH DownReduces pH in spa to maintain an idea chemical balance TIP: Use when pH is above 8.0
  • 750gm Alkalinity BoostHelps to protect your spa's heater element, jets, and other parts against corrosion.  TIP: Using this product regularly could save you a fortune in repair bills that are often not covered under warranty.
  • 500 mL Foam Free - Eliminates floating foam build up on spa water caused by body oils and lotions. TIP: Reducing foam build up creates a more enjoyable and presentable spa environment.
  • 500 mL Scale ControlHelps to protect your spa's heater element, jets, and other parts from calcium build up which can damage your spa, reduce efficiency, and impair performance. TIP: Using this product regularly could save you a fortune in repair bills that are often not covered under warranty.
  • 500mL Spa ClearCoagulates or "sticks" small particles together which would normally fit through the filter media. Helps to restore sparkle, without a shock dose. TIP: Using this product after cleaning your filters will immediately improve their effectiveness and help to restore their particle-trapping properties.
  • Test StripsEnsure your spa is always safe to use. Simply dip a test strip into the water and compare to the colour chart to take readings for: Chlorine, pH & Alkalinity. TIP: Chlorine and pH should be checked EVERY TIME the spa is used to ensure that the water is safe to use!
  • Instructional Guide


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